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So, how's my girl Ryou? Is she cute enough for you? Do you prefer the male version instead?

Anon Screening is on~

OOC Permissions
Back-tagging: It’s okay by me!
Reviving logs: So long as it’s not months or years old,
Fourth-walling: Just as long as you don’t tell them that they’re fictional characters, or revealing major plotpoints/spoilers to them, I guess it’s okay.
Dropping tags: It happens. If it’s something you really want to keep going, I won’t have any hard feelings. Just realize that I do have a life outside of RPing, and I will forget things every now and then.

Characterization critique: All of my characters do HMD posts, so there’s that! Just remember to be constructive in your criticisms. ‘You suck and your character sucks’ is not an acceptable form of criticism.
Writing critique: I’m a writing major, so I can take any sort of writing criticism that you can throw at me. Just please, be respectable in your criticism. ‘You suck and your writing sucks’ is not an acceptable form of criticism.
OOC critique: Just tell me if I’m crossing the line somewhere. It’s totally okay to tell me when I’m being a bitch, I won’t get mad at you.

Friendship! Uhh… sure? Just message me here on DW or through my personal email. Just know that I am shy at times.
RP Only: Only want an RP-related only relationship? That’s totally okay too.
Don't tag me! Okay. Just say that you don’t want me to tag back. You don’t even have to explain your reasoning. Just try not to be abrupt and cutting me off indefinitely. I get sad. :(
Tag me back already! So long as you aren’t being overly insistent, I guess this is okay. Just remember that I do get busy with RL and I can’t be able to answer every single tag and message that I get, no matter how much I want to get to them.

IC Permissions

Of course! She loves friendship!

Hugging: Hugs are definitely acceptable

Kissing: On the cheek is cute. Actual mouth to mouth kissing might cause her to blush a little

Flirting: You’ll have her as red as a tomato, but I’m not outright denying it.

Romance: Definitely!

Sex: Unless they were really close, or it’s a smut log, it’s likely, but not often.

Violence/Death:: Ask me first.

Telepathy: Ask me first.

Mind Control: Ask me first.

Acceptable Canon Pairings: Like her male counterpart, I pretty okay with shipping her around. Definitely acceptable: Kaiba, Bakura, Thief King, Atem, Malik, Honda, Otogi and Jounouchi. Yuugi and younger characters as friendship only, please. Yuri pairings are also totally acceptable, as well as het. Crosscanon and Crossovers are totally acceptable and encouraged.


Plurk: Krys-Imeteri-Hikari
Tumblr: krys-imeteri-hikari.tumblr.com
Personal DW: not-krys
MSN: krysimeterihikari@hotmail.com
AIM: shyryou2009

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Okie dokie, boys and girls, I guess this is a perfect time for an explanation as to why I created this account and the answer is simple, I promise.

This is going to be, mainly, a fanfic account. So, all you'll really find here is random-assed entries. The reason being is that I'm trying to work out a diary sort of story, and what better way to write a diary story than to have a livejournal account? :D

You will find that some entries will change dates on you, because I need to change them to figure out a timeline, such as when she befriends people, when she goes to school, when she thinks about crushes, prom, dating, heartbreak, etc.


I honestly don't care if people friend this account, since this is more for me, but I'll probably use this account when I genderbend Ryou in museboxes or official RPs from now on instead of it all being on one account,  [livejournal.com profile] whitewizardboy. Ry ry has a partner in crime nao. :D

Now to see if I can get regular Ry straightened out for playing, since I has to get a good amount of history for a character that... practically has none. DAMN YOU, YU-GI-OH! FOR ONLY FOCUSING ON CARD GAMES. YOU NEED TO FOCUS ON YOUR AWESOME, AWESOME CHARACTERS. YOU WOULD HAVE HAD LESS PLOT HOLES THAT WAY. D:


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